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We empower concerned individuals, parents, guardians and care givers with 'how to' informations, create awareness and take actions on child care related projects that will improve the well being of children in need of support.

Who We Are

It's more than a vision!
Our mission is to keep the hope and dreams of children alive.

We are working towards making the world colourful for abused and abandoned children. The number of abandoned children is alarmingly on the increase. In most cases  biological mothers of these children carry out unmentionable acts. Guardians in some cases are found unleashing ill treatments that sometimes leave this children with numerous trauma. Daily innocent children get molested, sexually abused, verbally and mentally left with artificial crisis that can be prevented.



We can change this cause by replacing hate with love and caring for a child irrespective of challenges surrounding these environments. We participate in the affairs of these adorable children. Our little dream is that you also join the tribe that speaks for children, nurture, protect them and provide for them and mentor them by showing them love.



Cheerful givers are the healing agents who don't only make life easier for the unfortunate ones but helps spread the meaning of love. The world would be in a big mess, if nobody cares.



Save A Child Mission didn't start as a passion driven organization but a purpose driven dream which is centred on consciously calling on the conscience of child care aspirants and advocates to help abandoned and abused children who need care and support in our community.


Frequently asked questions and answers

We are a non profit making organization that focuses in caring for abused and abandoned children within the African spaces. 

We address child care challenges, carefully plan programs and execute projects that will help broadcast challenges faced by children and how to curb the menace in the society by simply collaborating with intentional individuals and organizations that are interested in sharing in the social responsibility of caring for the less fortunate children.

We are all in it together. We make it a point of duty to remind people, organizations and even the government that it doesn’t take a village to raise children, it takes a nation. In essence it means you are part of the mission, if you witness any ugly situaton concerning a child(ren),you report ugly situations, provide help if need be and be available to defend a child because it’s a social responsibility for us not to look away. 

There are several openings for volunteering and for the sake of transparency and reviews, it’s an annual volunteering slot which is open for yearly renewal to avoid ghost members in the team. Send a mail to volunteer@saveachildmission.org to get a proper guide on how to be a part of the team.

Since Save A Child Mission is a non profit making organization, there are no financial benefits attached to volunteering in this cause. However, volunteering in an organization of this calibre could open new doors of possibilities in serving humanity. Certificates of recognition are usually issued to deserving members who serve a cause for the children.

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Legal Counsel
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