Children are quite sensitive and inquisitive about everything and this could be a big plus to how parents, guardians and the society at large should use as a powerful way to instill in them the proper ethics needed during this season of pandemic.
Children learn daily by asking questions and it’s important adults understand the importance of satisfying their curiosity.

The Future Of Child Care Programs

For every problem, there is a corresponding solution to help curb the challenges. Early child development programs that goes beyond formal learning is one of the best ways to instill strong moral and create lasting impression in children especially if the package will help them achieve some level of independence.

Simple Steps To Consider While Handling Child Abuse

It’s okay to want to be a hero especially if you ever find yourself in a situation that demands urgent intervention in order to help save a child’s situation but the truth is you need to handle situations with caution to avoid any legal challenges.
If there are steps to take, these three major steps are crucially important and here’s what you need to know.

Child Care Challenges In Africa, Causes And Way Forward

Today, children live in a world that threatens their well being like never before. Vices like child abuse, rape , molestation and complete neglect is steadily on the rise. Daily more children are growing up in traumatized environment. This is not only alarming but it is slowly contributing to the decline of a positive and healthy environment for children to grow in.