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Care For Abused Children

Over 75% of harsh situations endured by children are caused by artifical problems initiated by adults that can either be intentionally avoided or carefully handled. Caring for children means we all need to understand the importance of being an adult, understanding the role of leadership, mentorship and the meaning of being a guardian in respective whether he/she is family or no. If only adults can act like grown ups that have enough love to spread just maybe, children might have a more peaceful environment to grow in. We have a small dream that is big enough to change the world and it takes you to make a lot of difference.

Latest programs

Valentine Visit

Annual valentine health visit to sick children.

Every February we demonstrate love to the critically ill children by visiting the children’s wards to comfort parents, guardian and most times to assist certain families with their medical bills of critically ill children.

February 14th, 2019 will never leave our memories in a hurry because it was the saddest day we had ever experienced in our mission walk.  On arrival, we met this mother sobbing terribly and when we beckoned on her to explain what happened. She shook her head in shame and someone sobbing quietly beside her explained she had been unable to pay for her child’s medical bill which in turn backfired because before she could do anything her 18 months baby had passed away. 

It was unbelieveble that this mother had been unable to pay a bill  less than $10 and we all stood there wishing we had come earlier to help save this child.

If there is a better time to show love then it’s definitely on valentine’s day. Donors, sponsors, volunteers and the whole of the team take rounds by visiting sick children in certain areas in hospital wards. 

Every February 14th, our team, volunteers, sponsors make a point of duty to spread love by comforting these children in the sick wards.

Latest programs

Emergency Covid-19 Food Relief Campaign

Emergency Covid-19 Food Relief Program

In March 2020, most African countries were hit the worst pandemic ever. The deadly corona virus didn’t only take the world unaware, it left a lot of countries unprepared which has invariably increased the number of starving citizens and children. In our usual way, we are currently soliciting for relief items, groceries to help families take care of themselves during this heartbreaking times

Protect My Innocence!

One Hour Walk

1 Hour Walk Campaign Against Child Abuse

Children have rights too. Just because they are vulnerable doesn’t give anybody the right to violate their freedom, happiness, education, body, dreams and everything that makes them enjoy the luxury of being a being. As child care givers we hit the streets to warn adults to respect their rights or bear the consequences therein.

Child Empowernment

Annual Conference

Annual Conference To Showcase The African's Child Dream

For some unknown reasons, we have been witnessing the alarming increase of children becoming rape victims in our society. Peodophiles are stealing the innocence of children especially in African countries. We don’t know why this menace is constantly swept under the rug but we want to be a voice for our innocent children against pedophiles.  It’s time to speak up, our children are screaming silently ‘protect my innocence’. We want our mothers, fathers and the entire nation to minimize or better still eradicate this appalling challenge witnessed by our children.

Back To School Campaign

Children Need Education

Educational Resources For School Children To Get Back To School

Basic education is a necessity for every child 

International Day Of The Girl Child

Children Need Education

Allowing The Girl Child Own Her Space And Celebrate Her Journey

It’s no news in the African space how the girl child is made to believe her place is in the kitchen and under a man. In order to promote good morals and flush negative mindsets that limits the girl child. We allow the girl child attend rich content seminars that will empower her mind and prepare her on how to win in the supposed men’s world.

Orphanage Party

Showing Children With Gifts

Celebrate The End Of The Year At orphanage Homes With The Children


His name is Efe, he was taken off the street in 2019 after he was found at midnight in a University campus in Lagos begging.  His former life tells the story of a street child who is forced to go and beg and deliver the returns to his aunt. He entered a school premises for the first time at age 9. There is still so much to do for Efe and kids like him who are homeless or suffer abuse from guardians who turn them to economic weapons for selfish interests.

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Every little deed counts in the life of a child

Love To Care For Children?

Child care challenges in Africa

Rem ridi culus phare tra eli gendi labore nulla expli cabo sem! Modi ipsa, dolores cupidi.

Tips On How To Handle Child Abuse In Defense Of A Child

Head over to Programs and click on the project you wish to work with us and take action following the available options. If none of the options is suitable for you, kindly call or send a whatsapp message to this number 234-9064577318. You can also send a mail to support@saveachildmission.org

Volunteering As A Child Care Advocate

Rem ridi culus phare tra eli gendi labore nulla expli cabo sem! Modi ipsa, dolores cupidi.