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Volunteering Options

There is room for intentional individuals to serve in the mission's cause with whatever you possess. There are numerous categories of volunteering as seen in the options outlined. Please carefully choose the best plan suitable for you and send a mail to stating the category of volunteering services you wish to be a part of.

Content Creator

Are you a content creator? Do you have skills in; Writing, blogging, photography, animation, graphics, video shooting or any of the related arts that involves content creation? If yes, then we can't wait to have your share your prolific content with us.

Field Marshal/Research Agents

Are you an extrovert who possess presentation skills, critical reasoning on investigative research or can serve as a public relations personality on matters arising in the mission? If yes, a brief bio of your experience or expertise should be sent to or simple upload your bio while filling the form.

Child Care Advocate/Brand Ambassador

If you are an influencer in any industry and you can share your brand identity with us. Send a mail to with any proof showing your field of authority.

Event Ushers

To join our event management crew all you need to have is the ability to communicate in English and any other language that is required in the event community. You need to be able to work with children and the ability to stay calm at a crowded location. Send a mail to

Regional Squad Initiator

Do you have a concern over a particular child care challenge in your community and you would love to work with Save A Child Mission to tackle this challenge? If this concern is worth your time and ours, kindly send a mail with relatable details to or simply upload a picture, short video clip or document that will serve as social proof.

Every small deed is a big deal